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For Guests


This is Jeff McCord from and, and I want to welcome you all once again to the interviews happening Friday and Saturday for Kick-a-thon, Cycle 2.

Note: We use Google Hangouts to run the show. You need to have a Google+ account (it’s free).

STEP 1: Getting set up

The easiest way to get set up is to follow this link and click on “Start a hangout” — Google will prompt you to lot in and tell you whether or not you need to active Google+ and install any plugins:

STEP 2: Testing your audio and video

Once you are set up, please start a test Hangout with a friend or colleague to make sure your Video and Audio are working OK and the volume is set correctly. We suggest you doing this test plenty of time before your segment so you can problem-solve any audio settings, etc.

STEP 3: Pre-show checklist

Please review your spot in the official show calendar — press “Expand All” to see the full list — and make sure you know when your segment starts and ends. Email us any important corrections to: kickathon (at) Note: ALL TIMES listed are PST (Seattle, WA). Please plan your time differences carefully.

STEP 4: Joining your segment

We will send you the live link to the Google Hangouts live-stream about an hour before your segment. We cannot send it in advance because it is different each time and is only generated right at the time of going live. Please join the Hangout about two or three minutes ahead of your segment and we will announce you when we see you joining us.

STEP 5: What do do if all-else fails!

Please have your cell phone handy in case there is a technical problem, and we will revert to audio-only in an emergency. You may also call Jeff McCord at 206-234-4357 if your segment is starting and you have not been able to connect.

STEP 6: Enjoy! We really look forward to the show!!

Note: If you are appearing LIVE in our studio, we have already given you the address to come to. Please remember to come around back and come in about 15 minutes ahead of your segment.


STEP 1: Our social media connections

Be sure to Follow us on Twitter and and Like us on Facebook:

Hashtag: #kickathon

STEP 2: Your social media connections

Please tweet and post about your segment on your Twitter feed and Facebook (use #kickathon hashtag). You may also wish to send out a brief update to your supporters if you have a live Kickstarter campaign…

You can tell your press contacts about your segment if you believe they may be interested in covering it. Remember, we are interviewing *many* worthy projects that they might want to write about!

STEP 3: Promotional elements during show

If you have something you may want to announce or show during the show, we will be glad to do that with you live.

Some people may have something they want to give away to people listening. If so, consider using Twitter, and let your followers know that they will be randomly chosen by tweeting with the #kickathon hashtag.