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Archived Shows

Raw Archived Video (for your viewing now!):

NOTE: We will plan on doing a clean edit of these (cutting out the non-essential rough patches), plus we will capture the highlight of the final moments of our funding of this amazing Kickstarter campaign for Sword of Fargoal 2. Thought we were done? No, now the hard work begins!! (for us).


Thank you, this show has aired. Stay tuned for our December 14th/15th show!

Rob Heinsoo, 13th Age: 13 True Ways
4PM: Jay Schneider, Rob Heinsoo, 13th Age: 13 True Ways, Fire Opal Media, Seattle, WA.

Matt McArdell, Papier 
4:30 PM: Matt is the creator of Papier (Adventure), a game that takes place in a 3D world of paper, sketches and ink with a focus on visual style and storytelling.

Brenda Brathwaite SHAKER: An Old School RPG 
5:00 PM: SHAKER: An Old School RPG is 1st-person, party-based, fantasy/sci-fi RPG brought to you by award-winning veteran designers Brenda Brathwaite & Tom Hall. Brenda will be on so that we can ask her questions about their project and their love of the genre they are working within.

Chris Pallace, Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages 
5:30 PM Chris is just putting the finishing touches on some of his beautiful art for this deck!

Bill Trammel, Settlers of Catan Board
6 PM: Bill has created the beautiful “The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board,” which funding extremely well on Kickstarter right now!

Adam Clark, founder of
6:30 PM: Adam Clark is the founder of the fantastic website, which helps Kickstarter project-owners track their stats and progress!

Jamey Stegmaier, Viticulture
7 PM: Blogger and game designer discussing his KS Project “Viticulture: Strategic Game of Winemaking”

Adam Rockefellow, founder
7:30 PM: The FAMOUS game website reviewer extraordinaire!

Charles Maxwell & Alloyed Creations, Quarantine Z: Zombie Survival
8 PM IN STUDIO GUESTS: Charles Maxwell and team from Alloyed Creations will be LIVE in studio to show their “Quarantine Z: A Zombie Survival Card Game,” which ends Friday at 11:59 pm PST!

Matthew Gravelyn & Bobby Lamirande, Hipsters: The Card Game 
9:30 PM IN STUDIO GUESTS: This Seattle team will visit my studio LIVE to talk about their great new card game.


David Winchester, The Wardenclyffe Horror
MIDNIGHT: A graphic novel of Lovecraftian horror at the dawn of the 20th century, featuring Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain.

Scott Greig, Text Adventure Game Designer
1AM: Scott is a freelance graphic designer and aspiring indie game developer. He is also the Co-Admin of Moon Books Magazine

Elad Goldsteen, Fallen City of Karez
1:30 AM: Creator of Fallen City of Karez, Golden Egg Games, Newton, MA

Creators of Otherwind, Guild Masters: Social RPG
2:00 AM: This great Kickstarter campaign is based out of Seville, Spain!

Anders Mårtensson, iOS Game Engineer
3:00 AM: Anders has coded some of the best games on the iOS: From TouchGrind to Labyrinth 2, and even one of Jeff McCord’s other game titles, Wizard Hex!

Denis Hennessy, iOS Games & App Coder
4:00 AM: Denis is the founder of Peer Assembly, an indie development shop for iOS apps and games.

Steve Edmiston, Game Contract Attorney
8:00 AM: Steve was the founder of Front Porch Classics. He also does IP law, and is an expert at game contracts.

Matt Barton, ‘Retro’ Game Blogger & Expert
9:00 AM: By day, Matt is an Associate Professor of English at St. Cloud State University, in St. Louis, MO. And all other times he lives, breathes, and knows video games and game history!

Mike Schramm, TUAW
10:00 AM: Mike is a highly-regarded journalist for TUAW, one of our favorite sites

Joshua Balvin, Salem: Board Game
10:30 AM: Salem is new and innovative board game of witch hunts, accusations, trials and hangings deeply rooted in the historical events of 1692.

Closing Ceremonies with Eli Cymet, Games Journalist
2:00 PM-3:30 PM: Eli is an influential journalist covering games and the people behind them at